BoxMaster® Instructor Certification

Clark County Family YMCA 
11324 NE 51st Circle 
Vancouver, WA 98682 

Saturday, December 16, 2023
Start Time - 9:00 am

0.4 ACE CECs, 5.0 AFAA CEUs, 0.5 NASM

Boxing training is said to be one of the toughest disciplines in the world and probably the most favored used by many elite athletes around the world from soccer players to formula 1 drivers.

The BoxMaster® has taken boxing style training to another level by simplifying it and making it so much easier to learn by our patented pad placement angles. You throw the punch and the correct surface angle is there.

The art of teaching someone to throw a correct punch is now so much easier and safer by allowing you the trainer to view the student and correct their form instead of standing behind focus mitts and risking injury.  

Takeaways from this course: 

    A comprehensive training manual 

    Certificate of Completion

    0.4 ACE CECs, 5.00 AFAA CEUs, 0.5 NASM.

For education questions or information contact Becky at 360-213-5716 or email [email protected]

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